Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial weekend tour at pony pasture

Sorry it's taken so long to update on this.  I'm better at keeping up my Facebook page.  I wanted to let everyone know how the first tour went, and what it may mean for future tours.
Covering the basics at the beginning of the tour.  Those are my kids by the log, trying to decide if they are brave enough to touch the "stinging metal".

The turn out was around a dozen adults and lots of kids of all ages.  We covered around 20 useful plants as well as two lovely specimens of poison hemlock.
Describing characteristics of our native wood nettle

What were we looking at here?  Garlic mustard, I think.
The tour was concluded at exactly an hour and a half after we started, and there was more lecturing than walking, we really only covered the area around the parking lot.
Here's a good shot of the group.  Couldn't ask for better people to spend time with!

I think it was a great time, and I look forward to leading more tours in the future!  Please contact me if you'd like to set something up. 
I had to consult my notes from time to time, Dave caught me.  I'll get better.

Note: next time I will try to get pictures of each plant we cover, so I can give a brief description of them here on the blog.

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